Hello Bob,

I wanted to let you know my upgrade to new 64bit versions of ACP, MaxIm, FocusMax, DomeMax II under windows 10 went well. The separation of the DFM TCS and Focuser to a different computer with ASCOM Remote also went very well. We are still tracking down a few things I may have missed along the way but it was going well up until we closed the observatory yesterday as a non-essential business per the Governor of NM for the COVID-19 pandemic.

I did a search on previous postings (and am reaching out) to see if anyone had successfully integrated a Shelyak eShel spectrograph into ACP. I realize all the challenges are in the details! Have you or anyone you known taken on the challenge? Its my current project from one of our partners. Please let me know who I might reach out to that has tried.

Best wishes to everyones health!