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Hello Peter,

Thanks for the longest exposure time was 30 minutes. Cosmic rays are numerous but not too much of a trouble with multiple exposures on the target. Also my user doesn't require great S/N in far red and blue so need to get peak counts up to 30K, ~8-10K is at the 6563 region of the chip is ok. Other of my users may feel differently depending on their science. This was just a commissioning run to see what we could do with the instrument. Most of our targets were spectroscopic binaries.

30 minutes for mag 9 sounds just about right. My guys would have a cow. Of course cosmic rays hits are very elevation dependent. So if your close to sea level they are lessened

we typically stacked 5 frames so 5 minute exposures were about it. Any longer exposure and you just couldnít get enough work done in a night.

we re studying Be stars. Many are binary.

wonder where your located? University? Do you have it set up to allow for
remote control? Based on your use of ACP Iíll hazard a guess you are.