Bob, put this where you think best:

There has been some discussion of alternative power sources and the need to close the roof if they are used and then they lose power with the roof open.

The People at AAG Cloudwatcher have come up with a free piece of software that has a solution:

You can check it out here

It is designed for non ACP systems, but it monitors the internet connection, and if it goes down, the roof closes. Thus, if your router is not on the backup power line, roof will close when the power goes out... the roof is powered but the router is not.

The AAG people note that if you just put the Cloudwatcher on a line separate from the alternative power source, the same thing will happen. ACP gets an unsafe message while power from the APS and closes down.

You do not need to execute a script to do this nor do you need the expensive APS system that execute scripts on power failure. I guess the same principles would work with other cloudwatchers.


PS I have no commercial interests with AAG. They do have a smartphone app that upsells a monitoring system from their free program, but you do not need the app.