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The Boltwood creates a file that ACP reads, if its not updated then ACPS calls weather unsafe.
Pretty slick and I hadn't thought about using that as a power safe detector. Well, I"m all set for the moment.
Been a fantastic year here with all the hardware and software playing nice. Most productive in a decade.
Well, it turns out the programs seems incompatible with ACP. I ran it last night and while it was attached to the roof, and ACP could not connect correctly to the rood... thew an error.

I think this is one of those situations that would require an ASCOM hub (POTH?). Anyway, I uninstalled it. ACP does what is required, but now I know that if I put the AAG cloudsensor on a circuit that is not supplied by the backup power, if the main power goes out, ACP should be powered up and close the roof when the weather goes unsafe without power. Will have to test this operationally.