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Astrometric controllers have this feature too. Its saved my bacon numerous times. When power is lost, the UPS kicks in, and the astrometric controller shuts the dome. That
causes ACP to crash but that's OK, the gear is safe. I don't know what happens if a Boltwood goes away, but, if it does, I think ACP loses weather, which create unsafe weather which also would
close things down in an orderly way. The Astrometic controller sends me an email so I know their is a problem and can intervene.
This new software is a bit buggy Betaware, but this weekend i will take the cloud sensor off the backup power... I am sure it goes unsafe when power is off and then ACP will do the job. If the software proves reliable it will be belt and suspenders.

I think the smartphone app might be designed to sit under your pillow and vibrate if there is a disaster brewing... will look into it once I get the main software working.

I suspect the Boltwood works the same way as AAG.

Thinking this through a bit, I assume the power off situation is that the switch is open (no current passes), which is the unsafe position. When power is on and there are no clouds detected by the cloudsensor, then actively the switch is closed by the electronics (current passes) and the relevant software can detect this. I do not know how this might relate to "0" and "1" in the control files, but I suspect 0 is open and 1 is closed.