This has been a consistent recurring problem that I've never asked for feedback in the forum.

I have Astro-Physics mount controller and use the Astro-Physics GTO factory supplied ASCOM V2 driver and software.

I always park the fork-mounted telescope after an ACP imaging session to the same position (AZ 180, Alt +26).

If the scope sits idle and powered off for many days or weeks, almost always, ACP reports, from the ASCOM driver, AZ 0 ALT 0, not AZ 180, Alt +26.

I have to sync the scope on a bright star to rectify the situation.

After parking the telescope to its typical AZ 180 ALT +26 position and powering down the telescope, PC etc., I can always resume from that state with no loss of telescope parked position, as long as I resume within a few days. I don't know how many have to elapse before the telescope gets lost from one session to the next.

This may something I have to take up with the folks at A-P, but I thought I would ask her first.

Thank for looking.