Thanks Dick.

I will see how much is salvageable when I get back home at the weekend.

Most of my planned ACP runs were terminated early by the ACP "Imaging error" as a result of the faulty FITS header.

I had a series of two hundred observations that were scripted directly in MaxIm, both asteroid plots and a photometry series. They went ahead as planned but there is no useful log with those and the saved date/time with the individual FITS image files on disk is only accurate to the nearest minute. I can probably use the photometry series but the asteroid plots will have to be scrapped.

Typical, three months of cloud and the first series of five consecutive clear nights mostly wasted.

Serves me right for jumping onto a new software release too quickly and not carrying out a full test before leaving the observatory for a few weeks to do it's own thing.

I shall try to not make that mistake again!