Hi again, Saulius,

i was concerned about your statement about the roof and ACP. If your dome can work using ASCOM with MaxIm, then I would think it should work in the same way with ACP. So I looked rather thoroughly at the Talon6 Operators Manual I found on the AstroGraph.net website.

I read the section on page 12 where the choice of the ASCOM Gemini Telescope.NET driver is selected, but I donít see where there is a choice for an ASCOM dome.

I have to confess I donít know anything about Talon6 or for that matter the Gemini telescopes, so Iím probably shooting in the dark here.

In ACP, in the Preferences for the Dome, what ASCOM driver did you choose there? I guess I could ask the same question re: dome driver selection in MaxIm. ACP requires choosing a dome driver. (Also, did you enable the dome connection in the preferences?) Does the Gemini telescope driver also function as the dome driver? I would not think so.

Looking at the indilib.org website, they provide a driver/application for the Talon6, too. They donít have a version for Windows, but in any case they are almost surely not ASCOM. Did Talon6 provide any other ASCOM driver for a dome?