I have a question about APC's pointing model vs. Astro Physics' APCC Pro.

I have an AP1200 mount, and just got off the phone with George at A-P, about the benefits of upgrading the mount's control box to CP4. One of the things George told me is that I can use APCC Pro to tune and refine the mount's pointing accuracy.

I told him I use ACP, and it builds a pointing model. He said, "No, that's different. ACP uses plate-solve, but APCC actually builds a model to improve pointing."

I didn't argue with him, but my understanding is that ACP uses PinPoint with plate-solving to build a pointing model it uses when centering targets.

If this is correct, does APCC provide any benefit beyond ACP's pointing model?

I'm not keen on spending $1500 on a new control box and APCC software if there's no benefit.

Thanks for any insights.

--- Mike