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    Default Working great and making large prints

    I'm delighted to report that ACP is working perfectly, and I acquired 17 images in 2019, four of them two-panel mosaics.

    The combination of SkyX's mosaic planner, ACP Planner's ability to create a plan from SkyX mosaic data, and PixInsight's processing tools make creating a mosaic easy.

    The ZWO ASI1600MC Pro one-shot color camera is a dream to use compared to my former ST-8 and CFW10 filter wheel.

    I've attached a photo showing two walls in our living room (please excuse the distortion and reflections; and, yes, the ceiling is wood, and it does slope). The large photos are 24"x36" 2-panel mosaics. The other photos -- as small as they look compared to the large photos -- actually are 11"x14" prints behind 14"x18" mattes. I made the frames in my woodworking shop.

    The M31 mosaic is one of two I made. This one is better for framing, but I also wanted one to capture the faint ends of the galaxy, so I did an end-to-end mosaic. It also turned out well, and can be seen here: The Witch Head was another end-to-end mosaic: I was busy in 2019!

    I absolutely do not have the talent or patience to acquire the nearly perfectly matched mosaic panels that ACP turns out with its "always centered" feature. BTW, for all targets, mosaic or not, I save my ACP imaging plan along with the camera subs, darks, and flats so I can add more subs later if I want, and know they'll match the first subs.

    So, many thanks for ACP! It definitely streamlines astro imaging. Now, on with 2020!

    --- Mike
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