So I came into my home office this morning to check email and discovered that Dashlane was missing from my computer and I had to reinstall. Further checking and I discovered that 43 programs are now MIA. Some of the folders are still listed, actually most of them are, but show empty or documents only. ACP, Scheduler, MaxIm 5, SBIG Driver Checker, the driver program for my older NEC monitor, and the list goes on. They even uninstalled some of their own programs.

This is my home office computer thankfully. The observatory is still running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I pity those who are on Windoze 10 but there has to be some accounting from MS short of customers just getting fed up and leaving. And of course MS has no reply to the many requests for an explanation. And yes I'm fully aware of doing backups and that would be wonderful if Windoze hadn't uninstalled Acronis True Image......they even took out Intel Driver Support and Discovery Tool.

So other than regular backups is there anything to protect these programs? I have no intention of rebuilding the computer after each major screw up by MS.