Yes... I am aware of the logic there, along with the timing issues I encountered way back when. As I wrote in my post on the MaxIm thread, I want to know with certainty what is happening and why. If I start making changes in that logic without really knowing what's happening... "shooting in the dark"... I risk creating a new set of problems for others or regressing to an old problem and having a widespread tech support nightmare. Right now you and San Diego Astronomy Association are the only ones seeing this.

With that said in that same post, I described a theory that MaxIm is getting stuck and failing to return from

CamStat = Camera.CameraStatus

until the exposure is complete. I don't understand the documentation of status 8. I want to know if, and why, MaxIm is getting "stuck" in my call to get the status. Without understand this, any solution could have undesired side effects.

Again thank you for helping here!!