Hello Bob!

This happened again last night (see the details in the MaximDL support forum: https://forum.diffractionlimited.com...dl.4572/page-6).

This time there was a network break that lasted two hours. The long delay (70 seconds) in the checking "ReadyForDownload" appeared close to that network break. I did some digging into the code. In my Weather component where I check the weather station data I am doing a network load and there is a default timeout of 60 seconds. Does the weather safe polling block the "readyForDownload" polling? If so that may well explain why ACP was "not doing anything" for those 70 seconds and that was too long time for MaxImDL to wait and it just loaded the image so ACP never saw "readyForDownload" to become true. This caused the script to end and hours of science data was lost.

Should I try to change the timeout to something shorter?