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    Default GEM flip with Sitech controller

    After using a 10Micron GM2000 mount for several years, I switched to a Mesu-mount 200. It is running very smoothly.

    Flipping the 10Micron worked great, it could run for 5 degrees past the meridian, so no long waits around the flip point.

    With the Sitech I cannot get it working this way, I have to set up Sitech and ACP like this to let it work without problems:


    This works great, but sometimes the mount is idle for quite some time, see the attached log file 20191230@161803.log

    However I can set the Sitech to run past the meridian, so I set it to 5 degrees (and ACP to 20 minutes)


    Now the integration is finished while passing the meridian, then the program pauses for an additional half minute (2 minutes past flip point), and the mount flips.
    After refocus, the mount starts a goto to the object, and then the mount flips back....
    Please see logfile 20191230@182935.log

    Is there anyone using a Sitech controller who can shed some light on this?
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