The "GEM Auto flip Goto" tooltip states:
If set, then when asked to perform a Goto to the other side of the meridian, the mount will perform an automatic GEM flip.
This would be a normal operation. Leave this option on.

The "GEM auto flip Track" tooltip states:
When tracking to the meridian limit, the mount will perform an automatic GEM flip. Otherwise it will stop tracking
This is surprising. I can't think of a reason for the mount to flip while imaging (tracking). So this option should be off. The other issue here (with it off) is that the mount is incapable of tracking past the meridian. It's the only control system I have seen that has this limitation. I want to double che3ck this because it seems like a severe restriction.

If the mount truly flips at the meridian, and if the mount cannot track past the meridian, then the settings for ACP should be this:

Note the negative numbers. This tells ACP to give it 2 minutes "safety" before its "tracking hard stop" at the meridian. You will lose time around the meridian, with ACP waiting until your target crosses the meridian and you have a full requested exposure interval in front on the west side. If you are taking 10 minute exposures, it will wait up to 12 minutes at the meridian.