My first test on the sky with the new Sitech driver was succesfull, the flip past the meridian worked without flipping back and forth.
There was a log entry about flip failing after slew, but it still worked in the end.

19:59:24 (GEM must flip before next operation)
19:59:24 [FPw=60s FPe=-60s HAt=231s PFM=120s
19:59:24 (no wait needed, already past flip limit)
19:59:24 (flipping mount...)
19:59:24 Start slew to Test...
19:59:25 (wait for slew to complete)
19:59:26 (slew complete)
19:59:26 (slew failed to flip!)
19:59:26 (doing explicit flip by command...)
19:59:26 (commanded flip complete. Re-slewing to target...)
19:59:26 Start slew to Test...
19:59:27 (wait for slew to complete)
20:00:35 (slew complete)
20:00:35 (flip completed)
20:00:35 (forcing autofocus after GEM flip...)