Last Saturday I upgraded form ACP Basic to ACP Expert and Scheduler.

ACP works fine, no issues.
ACP Expert works fine via the web, sofar no issues...

ACP Scheduler works fine in simulator mode...however, I cannot get it started it real mode. Maybe my ACP settings are wrong, maybe I do need a separate startup script. Simply put, I need some guidance.
So in ACP opening and closing dome is no issue, but here is yesterdays relevant part of the Scheduler log:

2019-12-17 19:31:10.3: ++ Observatory Startup ++
2019-12-17 19:31:10.3: Startup attempted, but no StartupObs script found
2019-12-17 19:31:10.3: Weather safety is now disabled
2019-12-17 19:31:10.3: Open the observatory dome/roof
2019-12-17 19:31:41.5: **Dome closed while opening. Assuming weather closure.
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: but the weather remained safe for 2 minutes, something really went wrong.
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: Weather safety is re-enabled
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: **EXCEPTION IN SCHEDULER:
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: **Dome failed to open for reason other than hardware weather closure
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: Traceback:
at DC3.Scheduler.Engine.DoStartupIf(Boolean openDome)
at DC3.Scheduler.Engine.DoSchedulePass()
at DC3.Scheduler.Engine.Run()
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: Weather safety is now disabled
2019-12-17 19:33:41.5: Close the observatory dome/roof.
2019-12-17 19:36:57.7: Weather safety is re-enabled
2019-12-17 19:36:57.7: No operator intervention command tool specified
2019-12-17 19:36:57.8: Release ACP sequencer
Log closed at Tue, Dec 17 2019 19:36:59 UTC (actual time)

Scheduler says it is opening the dome and then closing it, whereas the dome simply you know it is a 4m ScopeDome...

Kind regards,