Hi Bob,
We met at AIC, I live in Sahuarita (physically in Green Valley almost at the foot of Mt Hopkins). Iím the guy who uses an ONAG-XM (with an AP1200, C-14ED@f11 (!), ST8XME (& Canon 6D), ASI-1600MM) using FocusLock.

I just started the APC-Expert trial license. After getting reacquainted with MaximDL (having used CCDCommander, TSX and PHD2) and resolving some Windows 10 issues Iím very happy to say last night I was able to acquire a guide star after 2 meridian flips with FocusLock running continuously in the background using the guide star provided by Maxim. This is great!

PinPoint isnít working but I should figure that out on my own tonight (your All-Sky Solving does plate solve nicely however).

Question: What is the purpose of the Optec FocusLock auto-focus radio button on ACP Preferences-AutoFocus?