After a PC crash last night I got a problem to restart FocusMax which is crashing all the time when the focuser is connected. Focuser is fine I can connect (from properties in FM calling the driver) and move it (a special TCF-S device mounted on the secondary mirror). I think the PC crashed while doing an Autofocus.

I rebooted the PC hoping this will clean the issue but I still have the same issue, one file seems corruped or the registry.
I have reinstalled the (very old) version of FM as it was loading without the proper setup (empty) it but did not help. We are running on that telescope a very old version of ACP (6.1 !) on windows XP ! but all is working perfectly since many many years now. Not a single bug since a very long time.. so long I do'nt remember even how to fix such a problem.

Should I reinstall the driver ?

Here attached the error and log from FM that points to a file FocusMax.focuser that I found in the ASCOM directory.



Any idea how to fix that ?

Thank you