Hi all, wondering if there is anyone else here who has a similar setup as mine and has *ever* seen the issue I am seeing with alarming consistency.

I have a 10micron GM 3000 HPS mount which is being controlled by ACP. The ascom driver version is (the latest that's posted on their forum).

Every so often it just randomly crashes leaving ACP with a "hardware error" which causes ACP to crash. Unfortunately, it does not look like the 10micron ascom driver has any logging. When I see in Windows Event viewer, every time I see this, there is an event logged of event type CLR203r (basically an unhandled exception) against the 10micron ascom driver.

I have, to eliminate all other sources of issues, disabled wifi on the controller box and also removed the ethernet connection (this way, no router mis-behavior should affect the mount). The only physical connection is RS232 and the ascom driver is configured as such. Even then it crashes as mentioned above.

So, there is some polling sequence that ACP is doing that is causing an unhandled exception in 10micron Ascom driver (this is not an ACP problem. If you expose an API, no matter how it's called, crashing out, is not the calling programs' fault).

I have noticed this happen over the last few days, when I am collecting darks. Basically the mount is stopped and there is not much happening except for constant polling. Which is surprising because it's the same set of calls! Not sure why the 100th call to get something would be different than the 1st. Maybe an outofmemory type issue?

On Bob's suggestion, since there is no other logging, I am running the driver through ascom device hub, which does provide logging to see if there is a specific call that is causing this. Hoping this provides more info.

I have contacted 10micron (via Ed Thomas@deepspaceproducts) but have not heard back much in terms of investigation or discovery.

In any case, just want to poll to see if anyone else is using a GM3000HPS with the ascom driver and has seen anything remotely similar to this.

Any help will be much appreciated. This is bugging the crap out of me and making me reconsider my (expensive) purchase. Maybe astrophysics would have been a better bet.