Good morning from San Jose.... this will be a result of the patterns of activity coming from ACP and something like a latent timing bug in the 10 Micron driver, may e an unprotected shared variable being accessed from multiple threads etc. Those kind of things are almost impossible to trigger with test code, youíre shooting in the dark trying to reproduce the timing and patterns.

The best/fastest way to zero in on it, since your ACP activity is able to reliably reproduce it, is to get together with the 10 Micron developers and get a debug version or one thatís instrumented to do more logging or something, to get right to the code thatís failing. Ideally, if you have Visual Studio 2017/2019 on that system, and the driver is a C# app (Iím 99% sure it is having talked with the late Per Frejvall, the original author) you could catch it right at the point of failure and they could determine whatís getting jammed up or (likely) seeing trash from being in the process of being modified from another thread or ???