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    Default First completed target with ACP Expert

    Just thought I would share this.

    After finally getting my rig up and running (I ended up doing it the hard way: all new hardware + all new software, all at the same time), here's the first (completely robotically) completed target.

    I think it turned out pretty well.

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    It didn’t turn out only pretty well. It’s A great image!
    Pier-mounted Meade 12-inch SCT "classic"
    w. focal reducer to f/5.3 ~ FL 1630mm
    Optec TCF-S focuser
    SBIG CFW-8A and ST7-XME
    FOV ~ 15' x 10'
    H-alpha, BVRI, RGB & Clear filters
    MaxIm and, of course, ACP!
    AAVSO Code: BRIC

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    Thank you Dick!

    Waiting on some darks to process a widefield of CTB1 and Pleiades.

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    Oh my gosh! It's fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing. I moved this to the ACP Expert section then copied to Success Stories and Kind Words.
    -- Bob



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