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    Default Scheduled Periodic Focus - Access Denied at end

    Every time I run focusmax is does the focus but then ends with an error message, although usually this won't stop Scheduler to continue Observing.
    Last night Scheduler failed too- unclear is this was a weather event that set off of the error, or some other reason. But thought to see. what at least might be causing the continual Windows error message that happens after successful focsuing


    14:00:18 FocusMax auto-focus successful!
    14:00:18 HFD = 5.29
    14:00:18 Focus position = 2359
    14:00:18 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
    14:00:18 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
    14:00:18 Message: Permission denied
    14:00:18 Location: line 81 column 2.
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