I have had for a number of months now 100% flawless interactions between ACP/Scheduler and my dome. Zero issues.

So Yesterday I go to Scheduler and run a simulation. Nothing else is different.

Today ACP cannot connect to shutter even though the ASCOM server is sitting there and all works fine. I can connect to Dome server with POTH and all is fine. With ACP now Dome sbutter times out!

Of course this happens with the fist 3 day run of great skies in months.. So in ACP I connect manually and then in Dome button close then open then stop motion to get a clear slaving situation. Smells like crazy driver stuff out of no where.

Before this point tonight I reinstalled both the ASCOM dome driver and reloaded rotator/shutter firmware. Again.. outside of ACP all seems perfect and the setup has after all been rock solid with no changes.

Right now weather is for sure fine so I'm just going to get data tonight. Scheduler is primed and ready to go (sleeping till dark right now).

I know it is nuts but somehow asking scheduler for a simulation run yesterday is the only thing out of my normal "it just works" experience.

What i am asking is guidance on how to begin the process of running this down!

Thanks to the videos I do know where all the logs live. I have tried to suppress MS updates but you never know.

The nights runs should begin in about 15 minutes. Shutdown tomorrow might be interesting.

This smells to me like MickySoft has messed with my drivers. The odd thing is why might POTH be 100% happy and ACP not?

Tomorrow I'll redo dome/shutter firmware once again.

Sorry about the ramble. Hey!1 see ya at AIC!!