I've been having trouble getting good tracking on comet 0260P using Orbital Tracking in ACP. The comet nucleus is constantly trailed a bit. I'm using 10m minutes exposures with a PlaneWave 14" CDK and an FLI 16803 binned 2x2. Checking the logs, I can see that orbital tracking is enabled before image capture begins and the rates reported in the ACP logs look reasonable to me. My MCCOMET database is up to date and I've updated it again yesterday just to be sure- but last nights results were the same as before with some trailing of the comet nucleus. I'm wondering if it could be something about my use of the Astro Physics Command Center (APCC). I have an AP!600 mount with encoders, the latest version of APCC Pro, and the latest AP v2 ASCOM driver. I have a pointing and tracking model active in APCC and have tried with and without the tracking corrections from the model enabled in APCC. Auto-guiding with this setup works fine and polar alignment is close by my measurements. Any suggestions? Do you know if the orbital tracking rates are applied in a way that APCC still uses it's tracking corrections based on the pointing model in use?

Thanks very much,