I have a remote system with two refractors and one DSLR lens/camera mounted between them. All on one mount. This is driven by two computers. The two refractors are on one computer with an uptodate ACP expert license. I have just been using MaximDL on a second computer with the DSLR unit but want to switch to ACP by purchasing a basic ACP license (I do wish the ACP licensing wasn't so steep). I can't afford the expert license and it isn't needed with that setup. The problem is that I have an old unused ACP expert install on that second system. The question is what will happen if I change the serial number on that install to that of a new ACP basic license. Will it smoothly degrade itself? Or do I need to uninstall the old ACP expert system. I guess what this amounts to is downgrading an old unused ACP expert install by inserting a new ACP Basic license number. I wanted to ask before doing it. I haven't purchased the second ACP license yet.