Hi Brad -- I Remember answering your email on this a week ago and found it. I replied on Oct 7th but recommended you file a tech ticket here, so thanks for doing that. There are two reasons the forum looks "slimmed down". Northeast Kingdom's ACP Expert license is under the name of Dave Magnus, and here on the Comm Center your account exists as the former tech contact for that license before it was upgraded from ACP to ACP Expert in April 2016. The Northeast Kingdom license under Dave expired for tech support and upgrades in April 2017, the old one under your name in 2016. For those two reasons, both of your accounts are not eligible for the premium support sections.

Mainly PinPoint should work forever even with an expired ACP License. And since ynu have lost use of the software I'll help you out on that regardless!! I'm sorry you stopped using ACP, I hope it wasn't for lack of support from us. I looked through your traffic here, along with Andy Mosedale's. I can't find any from Dave Magnus strangely. Since you no longer use ACP, I can issue a separate PinPoint Only license and you can uninstall ACP Expert. Should it go to you at b***@****.org?

I saw that you were struggling with ACP Expert and the photometric work you were doing. If you want we could work something out for reverting back to ACP so you can run your time series live like you would in other sequencing programs. I just thought I'd offer but you're probably OK with what you're using now. Call Stephanie at +1 480 396 9700 if you're interested. Or if you found ACP Live insufficient, I'd be interested in what the barriers were to your needs.