Hi Bob,

I am finally back to pick up this conversation, along with my apologies for not responding sooner. It has everything to do with being overwhelmed at a new job, and the fallout from losing everything I thought was backed up after a hard drive failure.

We'd be delighted with a PinPoint only license, if that can be arranged. The best contact for me is Brad@nkaf.org.

The other questions: We have been 100% delighted with your customer support and service! I have always been very impressed with your organization, and ability to drill down and help all comers with their very particular issues.

We stopped using ACP for essentially 2 reasons: 1) we joined forces with Skynet based at UNC, and they use their own proprietary control software. This decision was made to be able to dovetail our student research projects with other robotic research groups with whom we're working. 2) we're a tiny organization operating on a tiny budget, and our Board wanted to be able to offer telescope time to other research partners around the world for a fee structure that would be based, at least in part, on how many hours of telescope time they needed to complete their projects, which would require us to upgrade to a commercial ACP license. Since we operate on approximately $12,000 per year, we just couldn't afford to do that. We give up some operational control, but the currency is telescope time, not American currency.

The Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation was founded by David Magnus and Sidney Wanzer, but while Dave's name was on the software, he was not an active telescope user. David was the NKAF president and at one point the Treasurer, so most of the earlier correspondence went through him. All the software was initially set up by Andy Mosedale. When I joined the Board, I took over the technical aspects of our operation, excepting the computer network, run by Andy. Sadly, we never got to even try using ACP Live, as Andy was fearful of what he perceived as potential security issues. Since he was in charge of the network, we never even got to see what it looks like.

We may decide to part company with Skynet at some point, whereupon we'll have to raise additional funding and pay for a commercial ACP license. Only time will tell.

Thank you for all your help,