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    Hi Bob,

    Now a different topic. Is there an API that comes with ACP, and if so a description of how to access and use it? The reason I ask is that we have an idea to give SAAF club members easy remote access to a future club telescope. We do not want them to run it directly through the web server and accessing the scope themselves. Rather we would prefer that they submit observation requests that are collected and sent to Scheduler which then executes them automatically. Thus they would not be connected during observations, only when submitting their observations requests. Perhaps this is best done through a web form on our own web page where observation requests are collected and then pooled and sent to Scheduler, or perhaps it can be accomplished through the ACP web server. Communicating through an API would make it possible to send information both ways.

    We are getting help with this project from a group of Malmo University students and I would like to put them in contact with you to ask specific questions which is way outside my competence. They could communicate through my account but I guess it is better that they do it through an account of their own. Can you set up an account for Oscar Norling (oscarnorling [at] and he can post the questions himself?

    Best regards,

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