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    Default Details on Getting Rid of the Windows 10 Customer Experience Improvement Program

    Thanks to William Bristow for this detailed (and complex) procedure to get rid of the Microsoft Windows Customer Experience Program option. It turns out this thing can have multiple copies on your system, and once a month it scans USB in the middle of the night! So if you have occasional unexplainable USB jam-ups while observing, this could be it. It can't hurt to remove it anyway. It's for Microsoft not you.

    Attached is a document containing his instructions. I lifted with permission from the private part of the DIffraction Limited forums, where he originally posted it in response to some USB irritations. NOTE: The PowerShell commands must be all on one line. My capture to PDF line wrapped them.

    Skip past the first few posts and start with William's Part One. The document is attached below.
    -- Bob



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