I am still on Windows 7 and was looking with trepidation at what i have anticipated doing in terms of an upgrade before January. Windows 10 has been an unmitigated disaster for my lab and has been an enormous time sink, but we were required to upgrade by the University. Just try running Bitlocker on 20 machines and keep control of the encryption keys.

Just a note that with Windows 10 Pro you can put off feature updates for 365 days... quality for 30. I hear they were going to do the same for Home, but it is worth getting Pro just to have this option.

There is a lot of talk on the Security Podcast I listen to about continuing using W7 after January in certain cases... half the world's Windows computers are not yet updated (this is 500 million).

I probably need to seriously consider that and my understanding is that it would be relatively safe if you do not use the browsers and mail and Microsoft Remote Access. I am using Chrome remote access, which is as safe as their browser, and I have not seen the CPU overuse, but it looks like I turned that scan off long ago. Any other access to my machine is blocked at the router.

The problem would be file sharing, since I use OneDrive and I bet they will not update that, so that would be a serious security flaw.

Anyway, all this is pause for thought. If something comes up and you want me to ask, I can officially pose questions to Stanford IT and get written responses. They probably have dozens of screwed up machines by now.