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    Default Oct 2019 - Things to Watch Out For and Possible Mitigations

    If Windows 10 is the OS then the following may be applicable, in particular with reference to RPC errors there are known problems with Microsofts recently released and then recalled October 2019 ‘Feature Update’ 1909 and Septembers quality update for 1903.

    Windows 10 bi-annual ‘Feature Update’ 1909 that was released just a week ago has been causing problems and was pulled from general distribution after four days however some users will have received this update and already automatically installed it.

    In addition Septembers monthly quality update for release 1903 has caused RPC errors to appear.

    MS are due to release a ‘Quality’ update tomorrow, 8th Oct, which is supposed to fix the known problems so far, unless MS find other problems and delay the QA update. It’s also been rumoured that the 1909 bi-annual feature update will be re-released with fixes tomorrow, 8th Oct but this is not confirmed and given the mess that Win 10 updates have been the last six months this may slip again.

    There is also an already released manual update that fixes some of the known issues, KB4524147, which you could download and install yourself from the MS update centre and see if this includes the fixes needed for ACP but probably the best thing is to roll back Septembers 1903 quality update, or Octobers 1909 feature update, if you received that, and delay its reinstallation for a few weeks giving MS a chance to fix 1903/1909 properly.
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