Hello, I'm looking for some advice.

Iíve watched some of the ACP videos on YouTube, watched a presentation on the AstroImaging Channel, and Iím interested in learning more about what ACP software might be able to do for my situation.

First, Iíve been imaging with a SW Esprit 120 on a CEM-60 for about a year. I captured with SGP and guided with PHD2 using a 60 mm guide scope. My main camera was/is a ZWO ASI 1600 MM Pro with a ZWO filter wheel. I did this in my suburban backyard and left the scopes set up for weeks under a Telegizmo cover. I used Team Viewer to control from inside the house.

Fast forward to today. This summer I built a roll off roof observatory with an Aleko gate opener motor to move the roof. I also acquired a Paramount MX+ and mounted it to a permanent pier in the ROR. I also have an EdgeHD 11. Both scopes are currently mounted in tandem on the MX+. I still have a little more work to do before I try to use the MX+ and the scopes in the new observatory. There is excellent power, ethernet, and wifi available. The observatory PC is very capable (e.g. Ryzen 8 cores, 64 GB RAM, M2 SSD).

My goal is to control my equipment, including roof, weather sensor, OAG guide, focus, and imaging of multiple targets remotely. By remotely I mean inside the house, not across the country. Of course the MX+ is dependent on TSX and I like TSX in general. However, it is not without shortcomings for those that what to optimally sample multiple targets, do meridian flips, etc. Given what I have said, what would you recommend from DC-3? I would like to simplify the number of software packages while at the same time gaining better planning, imaging optimization (i.e. sample when target is higher in altitude, not low, also consider moon position). Would I need ACP Expert, or would one of the lesser packages do? Cost is not a show stopper, but Expert plus Maxim, etc. does add up.

Thanks in advance for your time!