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    Default ACP behaving strangely


    I'm running v822 which is not behaving as I expected.

    Prevously I had a very strange Run-time error which appeared after object centering and plate solve which caused ACP to crash, but which was not appearing after each solve. I checked and cleaned contacts and cables etc and I think I fixed this problem, perhaps it was due to unreliable RS232 connection to my LX200. Will keep eyes open if this happens again.

    I know that for error solving you'd like me to switch on "Pop up message window on AcquireSupport errors" in the Debugging tab. When I do this, an error message box pops up: "Run-time error 70. Permission denied". Whn I click OK, ACP crashes. It can be restarted without problems.

    My main problem is that my palns are not executing as I expect. I'm attaching a short test plan and run log. I would like to take 5 images of each target before switching. There are several strange things happening during execution. Pointing, plate solve and centering works well.

    * ACP takes only one image of each target, then slews to the next target. The run log reports that 5 images should be taken of each target. I have tested with both #COUNT 5 and #REPEAT 5. Both commands takes only 1 image of each target, not 5, before switching target.
    * The acquisition image shown on screen in MDL 6.20 is minute, not the 2x2 bin that is expected. The image displayed is only 128x96 pix and it has the corrrect name that ACP assigns. Attached (where I have addded the MINUTE suffix). When making a manual save of htis image, the directory C:\Users\Captain Picard\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Images\20191005 is opened (this is where I ask images to be saved in settings)
    * Then another image of the same field with 2x2 binning pops up. These images have strange names always starting with "rad", eg. radBFADC. Attached. When making a manual save of this image, the directory C:\Users\Captain Picard\AppData\Local\Temp is opened.
    * However, in my Image directory the 2x2 bin image is also saved as it should, with the expected name. Attached.
    * There is also some kind of file saving error which is appearing regularly, the error message is:

    "**Imaging error: Could Not Save File 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ACP Obs Control\WebDocs\images\pvimage.png'
    Could not create file %s"

    I'm confused. Can you help me out?

    Many thanks,

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