I have encountered the TypeMismatch error again which we previously discussed on email. My idea that this was due to bad connection in the serial port to the scope was wrong. Have now run TrainCorrector.vbs a few times. The same eror always occurs. The script stops after acquiring one or two mapping points and solving them.

I can't find the log files for these runs with TrainCorrector, they are not sved in the Log directory. Here's the last log copied from the ACP window:

Initializing AcquireSupport V8.2.14
Telescope is ACP->LX200, driver V2
MaxIm DL is version 6,20
Imager is SX Universal
Autoguiding is disabled
Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0,94 V = 0,94
Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 21,7 V = 16,2
Plate solving with GSC 1.1 (ok for wider fields)
All-sky plate solving will be attempted when needed
All-sky service at nova.astrometry.net will be used
Beginning training run at 22:36:33 UTC
Start slew to Map-001...
Az = 120 Alt = 68
(wait for slew to complete)
(slew complete)
Acquiring mapping point...
(taking 5 sec. exposure, binning = 4)
(starting exposure)
(exposure complete)
(exposure complete and image downloaded)
Image finished
Plate-solve pointing image.
124 image stars found
145 catalog stars found
Solved! 24 stars matched.
Average residual is 0,68 arcsec.
Pointing error is 15,179 arcmin @ angle 184,34
True focal length is 1419,2 mm.
True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 3,74 V = 3,79
True image center (J2000): 02h 11m 55,3s 40 40' 01,90"
Imager sky position angle is 179,2 deg.
**Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
Source: ACP
Message: Type mismatch
Location: line 397 column 5.

No mapping points are saved in the model even though ACP has told me that SYNC has been made. In the Pointing Corr tab, "Automatically add mapping points on SYNC" is activated. The PointingModels directory is empty.

No mapping points are added when acquiring targets with my regular plans either. So the pointing corrector seems to fail.

Hope you can help me with this issue too.