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Hi Jerry,

I think I've mentioned this before, but I worked with Stewart Sharpless when I was at the University of Rochester in the mid-70's. This was 15 years or so after he published his catalogs. He passed away in 2013. I know he would have been astonished and would love to have seen some of the beautiful images astrophotographers and scientists (such as yourself) have taken with today's modern instruments enabled by modern software.

I've attached his original 1959 publication from Astrophysical Journal Supplement. He was a man of few words.
Thanks very much. Was very familiar with the stories. I cannot image he could catalogue these objects in the day...

FYI, I recently started a Sharpless2 Group on Astrobin:


Within a couple days we have > 100 members and > 300 images!

I am trying to get the organizers to sort the images by Sh2 number... it is interesting to see how the same HA looks under different systems.

Tonight the Stanford kids start their semester and the Astro Club is meeting. These are great for people stuck in the midst of light pollution....

I'll see if I can upload the article to the Group.

Thanks again,