Hello Bob
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The guys made me the ascom 6 driver- so it looks it is working manually.
Could you give a hand if possible with the startup script...
These is what they responded in 2 separate mails...

Now you have a new focuser driver named "ASCOM.RF_Focuser_6.Focuser" available in the ASCOM device list.
Using command "Action" now you have 2 custom commands: "shutdown" and "wakeup". You must send "shutdown" action to correctly shutdown the driver (with this command you will shutdown both drivers, focuser and rotator, at the same time because the electronic device is the same).
MyDriver.Action("shutdown", ""); ==>> shutdown the device
MyDriver.Action("wakeup", ""); ==>> power on the device
After shutdown, the device will be powered off and torque on the motors is disabled and all pending data is saved in internal eeprom.
Note 1: this driver is .Net driver and requires .Net 4.0 framework.
Note 2: this is a beta version because at the moment I developed this extension only for your application. At the moment there is no official roadmap to support ASCOM 6 standard.
Let me know is there are problems.

ACP integration
Make sure that ACP software sends the right command as you tried before. ACP must sends the custom command "shutdown" before cut the power. You must wait about one second after this command before cutting the power: rotofoc must have the time to save in eeprom all informations (and the current position). Make sure this command is sent fefore unlik (= diconnect). If you want to see the true command sequence the ACP sends, you can see ASCOM log: there is an utility in ASCOM package that you can use to trace the ASCOM commands of a driver. I don't know exactly how it works but it exists.
Make sure that ACP is connected with the right driver: you must use ASCOM.RF_Focuser_6.Focuser.