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Hello Stefano --

I apologize for delaying my reply. I was visiting my family over the weekend and also Friday and Monday. Nikos' software (our ACP Expert) is designed to run remotely and automatically. It starts and stops the observatory via script that is run automatically by a scheduler. It is not possible for a human to run a program and push buttons just to power-off a device. No other focuser has this requirement. Is there a way to run your control software via command line (which exits without human intervention) or an ASCOM Action()/SupportedActions call (shown below) to accomplish the special shutdown operation? If so, then it could be scripted and run during the shutdown process. If so, is this info described in the manual/documentation that Nikos has?

-- Bob

On 9/12/2019 12:14 AM, Stefano Campani wrote:

Hello Robert
I received your contact from Nikos Paschalis.

He is using your ACP software, and an electronic roto-focuser (named RotoFoc) by Reginato
Nikos has reported us an issue, and we are trying to understand if there is an easy solution.

Nikos uses RotoFoc, and he is reporting us that at the end of the session RotoFoc shuts down and at next power up it looses coordinates.
We think that it happens because ACP cuts power supply to RotoFoc and no one (before this) send a command to RotoFoc to save coordinates and shut down.

RFControl Panel is a software/ascom driver whic controls RotoFoc. It has a simple interface in which you have a button to send turn-off command
When RotoFoc receives this command it moves to park position, shuts down current to motors and then goes in a sleep condition. In this condition it can be powered off without problems.

I don't know how ACP functions, I've never used it
What can we do for helping Nikos?

Emanuele who is reading this email has developed software for rotofoc and I've developed Hardware

Best regards
Command line is OK or this is OK also: