Here is the email I sent to Dome Parts, ScopeDome, and copied to you. This is all I can do right now:

Hello --

I am writing to advise you that one of your customers, Roelof Platenkamp is having issues with our ACP Expert software and the ScopeDome control system. Rather than write all of this up (again) I refer you to the discussion on our pre-sales forum.

Scope Dome-Start up sequence ok, shut down sequence fails

And in particular to this test he ran at our request, which shows an ASCOM conformance failure for the ScopeDome.

The ASCOM Conformance test shows that the controller is failing to complete closing the dome. It does not go on to test the Opening because the closing has already failed. Our software "works" with ASCOM devices that conform to the ASCOM specifications and which pass the ASCOM Conformance test. Hopefully you can address this issue either at his site or in the product. The failure will show up elsewhere. I suspect he is also working around an OpenShutter() problem by calling for MaxIm to home the dome, which connects your power, before calling OpenShutter(). This is also not conforming. A call to OpenShutter() must either complete the operation or raise an error. The interfacing rules are clearly spelled out on the ASCOM developer's site.

Thank you for your attention. Please feel free to contact me for clarification.

-- Bob Denny