I am currently evaluating ACP.

In principle I am very happy with the tool (I used it also when I worked with iScope) but I cannot solve one issue, which for me is very important as I usually work from my home in Germany with the scope in Fuerteventura.

When I used Maxim DL only I had no problem to shut down automatically after imaging was finished.

This Maxim DL sequence moves the Dome to 180 degrees, closes the shutter, parks the telescope at 360 degrees and this slews the dome to 360 (optimal parking for the wind/dust conditions)

Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work in ACP.

When I ask ACP at start up to go to “Home” and open the Shutter there is no issue. When I ask to Shutdown at the end of an imaging sequence ACP parks the scope and that’s it, the dome does not return Home and the shutter cannot be closed….

Obviously I am doing something wrong, or I need a script…I use a 4m Dome from ScopeDome GmbH (Germany) with a 20” RC from Alluna and a 10Micron GM4000 HPS mount.

Please help, this is key for me as the Observatory is on Fuerteventura and I am 4000 km away in Germany.