I just renewed my PinPoint License. Unfortunately I already deleted my former version prior to receive the email (with the new key) telling me not to do that. I downloaded the latest version yesterday but I can't find anything in the program folder today anymore.

When I try to install again, I have a window with the following message "Your PinPoint license is too old for this new version of PinPoint. If you have a more recent PinPoint license, click NO and enter it into your PinPoint license window (Start menu, PinPoint, Register PinPoint). Otherwise click YES to open a browser to our online store."

Yesterday I answered I answered YES and purchased the new key. Today when trying to install the new version (I can't find the PinPoint in the app folder anymore), I have the above message again. I click NO because I have the new license key and the window simply disappear and nothing happen.

Curiously I can still plate solve with maxim DL.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,