I have a new computer which has a small SSD drive for the software and a larger drive for files. The small drive is running out of space. I went to moved the Users/Peter/Documents folder with its contents to another drive. Things have got a bit confusing as not all the folders in the Documents folder shifted over. I then wen to shift the folder back and now things are a bit of a mess. The Peter folder name changed to documents, so I have Users/Documents/Documents/ and some the folders like ACP and Bisque are under Users/Documnts/ and some under Users/Documents/Documents.
I had moved the folder my going into properties of the Documents folder and changing the location. I think may I have to change the location of each folder in Documents eg ACP Astronomy, Bisque, Clarity, MaxIm etc

I think I am losing my pathways to things. At present I have not moved Users/Public/ Public Documents/ ACP config and the WebRoot folders although would like to move them too once I get the other part sorted out.

Just wondering if there was a good method to move the folders