Problem SOLVED
So their actually were three issues.
Issue that SOLVED the problem was that the Astrometric "dome" controller reports falsely that the "dome" can be parked. Well, this is an Astrohaven CLAMSHELL not a "dome"
ACP queiries the driver and is falsely told the "dome" can be parked. When the weather safety script/shutdown script is run the "dome" and scope are told to park. Maestro
keeps telling ACP the "dome" is not parked. So, ACP waits and waits and waits. But, and this is issue number two, ACP doesn't tell you that its waiting for the dome it looks like
ACP is waiting for the scope which is why we ran down a rabbit hole.

Once inside preferences, Dome, I unchecked the box that says to park the "dome" all worked fine. We could see all this via PIPE, a great tool for sure.

The other issue had to do with the Sitech driver. The Sitech driver was reading a "atparkmodel", this model was wrong, this model was using the very very first
model I made after the mount/scope was plopped on the pier and the initial model was off by 3 degrees. So, trying to park the scope up ended the math.
Once the correct model was installed, with an error of 30 arc seconds, all went well with the Sitech driver. Up until then, the Sitech driver never found park.
Once the correct model was installed in this arcane location, park happens immediately.

The other issue uncovered is to say the least, RARE as hens teeth and just an accidental find, if you have ACP park the scope, but OUTSIDE ACP you
unpark the scope, ACP chokes because no one told ACP a change of state occurred. This likely effects no one, but was an interesting find.

So, Astrometric will fix that bug, in the mean time, I've unchecked the park dome metric and we're all good. Phew

Let me thank Bob and Kevin Iverson for working together to sort this one out!!!!!!!!!!
As usual superb support!!!!!!!