I have a Paramount ME and have some restrictions to stop the telescope hitting the pier. This is set in the Paramount TCS.

Scheduler was imaging and as the object came up towards the meridian, the telescope reached a limit and the SkyX Brought up a dialog box stating this.

This caused Scheduler to stop working and brought up Hardware Error in ACP, and required Operator Intervention to get things working again.

The problem is around the meridian. I can't change anything in STX or the Paramount ME otherwise I won't have protection of the telescope.

I am not sure there is any way to prevent this happening, whether changing the flip setting in ACP Preferences Telescope would help. At the moment I have flip settings East-West and West-East set to 0 minutes. If I changed this to flip 5 minutes before the meridian, I am assuming then that I would run into trouble coming up against telescope limits once flipped, as wouldn't the stope try and go to track the image even if it hadn't yet crossed the meridian?