Now that the observatory is working well, I'm using ACP Planner in greater depth to make my plans. I ran into a couple of minor issues I'd like to ask about.

1. I enabled flat plans in Preferences, but did not check "Specify file name." Now when I save my plan, I get a warning, "Saving this observing plan outside your ACP Plans folder will make it non-portable. Are you sure you want to do this?" (It's referring to the flat plan, but doesn't make that clear.) If I click Yes, the flat plan is saved in my ACP Plans folder along with the observing plan, but the full path to the flat plan is included in the observing plan, making it non-portable. If I check "Specify file name" in Preferences, I don't get that warning, but I do get a filename dialog, where I must manually enter a filename.

I expected Planner to know it's saving my flat plan in the same folder as the observing plan -- not falsely warn me that it's not and, worse, add a full path to the flat plan in my observing plan. (I can't have a full path because I create my plans on a network drive, but copy and run them on the observatory PC's C drive.)

Question: Why does Planner create this mess? There is no problem -- the flat plan is saved right alongside the observing plan. Why the warning and screwed-up my observing plan?

2. Often my observing plan filename contains spaces, e.g., "Crescent nebula.txt." Planner adds "-flats" to the flat plan filename (with a hyphen). No problem, but I'm curious....

Question: Will a flat plan name containing spaces in the observing plan poe any problems for ACP? I.e., will it find the flat plan? I assume so, since that's the last thing on the #duskflats directive, but I'd like to be sure before starting an actual plan under the stars.


--- Mike