I'm trying to get CCDNav3 to be able to send the targets to Expert but I keep getting two error messages. Invalid Domain. ACP Expert is unreachable. Two different pop ups. I have tested both the my-sky.com url and the WAN address while remoted into the SRO computer (out of my local area network) and they both are good addresses. The LAN address doesn't work either. Anybody using CCDNav3 with Expert and able to utilize this CCDNav function successfully? I know at one time I did have it working but that was years ago. I had problems earlier with getting CCDNav to work with TSX but after a lot of trouble shooting came to the conclusion that I needed to reset Windoze 10 which has been done and the earlier issues are now gone. The pain of reloading programs, updates, and settings but necessary.

Any advice would be gratefully received.