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    Default ACP Expert Scheduler 8.2.2 Maintenance Release is Available

    ACP Expert Scheduler 8.2.2 Maintenance Release is now available. Things with 8.2 have been really stable so this is a rather short list. Nonetheless, thanks goes out to all of the people who provided suggestions, worked with us through bugs, and kept the faith. We really appreciate you all!! The Release Notes tell what has changed since 8.2.

    NOTE: REQUIRES ACP 8.2, 8.2.1, 0r 8.2.2 TO BE INSTALLED.

    Release Notes for ACP Expert Scheduler V8.2.2

    This was released to correct a show-stopper weather handling problem.

    Changes & Fixes

    • Starting up and Shutting down in unsafe weather no longer causes a failure and Operator Intervention state in the Scheduler. Both are totally OK.
    • The "About" window in scheduler and the beginning of the scheduler engine log both make clear the difference between the engine version and the product release version.
    • The thumbnail images for the web were the wrong scale. Mistake in reverting the preview generation change in 8.2.1.

    Release Notes for ACP Expert Scheduler V8.2.1

    This includes newly reactivated VOEvent Transient Astronomy Tools, a special constraint for the PlaneWave CDK700, corrects some minor problems in the 8.2, and includes the 8.2a release which corrected two missing files in the Scheduler installer.

    New Features and Improvements

    • The VOEvent Receiver and accessories has been converted to support VOEvent 2.0. This allowed the remoall of lots of 'patch-up' logic, and the special minimized schema which eliminated the giant STC structures.
    • The Transient Astronomy section of the Expert Scheduler's documentation has been updated to reflect current activities and formats. Links to other sources of information have been updated.
    • The VOEvent receiver no longer includes the Alerter and its associated automatic web portfolio generator functionality. The logic is still there and may be reactivated in the future. Info has been removed from the documentation.
    • A special constraint for the PlaneWave CDK700 has been included. It is disabled by default. If you have a PlaneWave CDK700 this constraint will prevent scheduling Observations that would cross through the cone of exclusion at the zenith, and also avoid rotator lockups when using the derotator/rotator to compose images by specifying the PA. To install look at the ReadMe document in the CDK700 folder.

    Changes & Fixes

    • Two missing files for the Web Schedule Browser were fixed in the installer (actually 8.2a)
    • The Web Schedule Browser's popup alerts were using a Javascript operator (=>) that is not supported by the old Internet Explorer 11 browser. The scripts have been changed to avoid using this Arrow Operator so they are compatible with IE11 and other browsers.
    • Fixed a script error on systems without filters which use the #nopreview high-cadence option in ImageSets. Also, the option is now re-evaluated separately for each ImageSet even for systems with filters. It was only being checked on the first ImageSet then carried across the others.
    • The situation where weather becomes unsafe as the dome is being opened, and the ACP Weather Safety Script closing the dome, is not prevented. This was causing some dome controllers to choke, being told to close while opening. So now the weather safety interrupts are disabled whenever the Scheduler is opening or closing the dome, and once that is done, then the weather safety will run (if the weather is still unsafe).
    • A timing hole where the dome has a hardware weather closure and Scheduler gets lost managing the dome has been fixed.
    • Scheduler no longer produces double log files at startup.
    • The change in 8.2 to speed up preview generation has been revoked. The quality of the preview and thumbnail images was sometimes adversely affected. Use #nopreview for high-cadence applications.
    • If UserActions are in use, the AcquireImage()method is now called during observing.
    • Fixed-time observations are no longer resubmitted on weather unsafe failure.
    • Fixed-time observations will no longer be started if their "latest start" time has been passed.
    • Links from the Transient Astronomy - Customizing Observing Strategies page to the RTML 2.3 Programmer's Guide have been fixed.
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