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    Yes, my Planner is v4.2.6.

    Next week, when we upgrade our Internet service from satellite to 4G wireless with 10X the monthly data, I'll be able to handle a remote connection to my PC so you can see it.

    in the meantime, here are two screen shots.

    Crescent test.jpg is the warning dialog that appears when I save my plan in Planner. It appears before the dialog to enter comments into the actual observing plan.

    Crescent test plan entry.jpg is part of the observing plan opened in my text editor showing the full path and associated warning Planner added.

    The steps I followed in Planner were;

    1. Roll time forward in TheSky Plan Capture.
    2. Find the Crescent Nebula in SkyX.
    3. Click "Add target from FOVI" in TheSky Plan Capture.
    4. In Planner, edit target name, set filters and exposures, Click "Update" button.
    5. In Planner,File->Save As. Enter plan filename, click OK.
    6. Warning message appears. Click Yes.
    7. Add comments dialog appears in Planner.

    OK, I think I might know what's going on.... I run Planner on my office PC's C drive, but create and save plans to ACP\Plans on a shared drive on my Linux server, so they can later be copied to the observatory.

    Is this what's causing the problem? I sure hope there's a way around it, because I want to store all my plans on the shared drive. Do I need to save them to my C drive, then copy to the Linux server, then copy to the observatory PC?

    --- Mike
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