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That is a STUNNING image!!! Bravo!

I think this is happening because the scope needs to be unparked at the beginning of the night. Have a look at the scheduler's StartupObs.js script. Find a place after the telescope has been connected, toward the end, maybe right after this:
    // ==========================
    // ==========================
and add
We finally got slightly clear skys and that code addition seems to have fixed that flats acquisition [Thank God]... got my rotated (!) flats tonight.

With my new focuser I tried to run the FocusOfsets script and seem to have a variant of the error:

Initializing AcquireSupport V8.2.10
Weather safe, server is AAG_ACPWeatherFeed (v7.20)
Telescope is ACP->Stellarvue SVX 130T, driver V2
Dome is Pier-Tech OCS4 (Roll-off) Dome Driver.
MaxIm DL is version 6.18
Imager is SBIG Universal
Selecting filter Luminance from previous ACP run at 20190518@033516 UTC
Imager readout modes:
0 is Raw
1 is Raw w/RBI pre-flash
Guider is SBIG Universal (rotated internal)
Guider plate scale is 2.4 arcsec/pix. Guided dither with main imager pixels
Max unguided exposure 45 sec.
(assuring that FocusMax is running now...)
Calculated unbinned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 1.22 V = 1.22
Calculated field of view (arcmin): H = 68.4 V = 51.7
Plate solving with GSC 1.1 (ok for wider fields)
Mount supports tracking rate offsets
Imager rotator support enabled
All-sky plate solving will be attempted when needed
All-sky service at nova.astrometry.net will be used
Red is #0
Green is #1
Blue is #2
Luminance is #3
UVIR is #4
H-Alpha is #5
O-III is #6
S-II is #7
**Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Message: Type mismatch: 'CInt'
Location: line 136 column 9.

The ASCOM driver was not tracking and the scope was not parked. I started the tracking manually to no avail. Ideas here??????????????????????????? This was after the successful flats acquisition.

This is a visual basic script and I do not see any telescope commands in it.

I reran the startup script with the unpark command in it again to no avail.... maybe this is some other issue...