Holy catfish, you have 4 scopes with 4 cameras and an AO on one mount? That may be some sort of record. Well I understand now. How are you using this with ACP? Switching profiles in ACP, Configurations in MaxIm, System files in FocusMax?

I get it now, and running a second PC with the dome driver and weather making the shared 1-line file sounds like a plan. You can install ASCOM Remote on both PCs. On the one with the dome control, fire up ASCOM Remote and map one of the Alpaca end-points to the dome driver, set the dome driver up with the chooser there. On the PC running ACP, open the Dome Chooser and select ASCOM Remote n, then click the Properties button. Fill in the IP address and port of the Alpaca endpoint you set up on the dome control PC. Test this with ACP's dome control panel making sure you have control to rotate and open/close.